Written Translation

The paper and the pen, or as goes in today’s language “keyboard, computer along with hard copy and electronic dictionaries, constitute the foundation of the translator’s work. For this reason, Written Translation with all its derivatives and kinds represents the main service offered by Elaph. General Translation and Specialized Translation are the two wings of the Written Translation.

In actuality, Written Translation has to do with the transformation of a written text from one particular language into another, taking into account keeping the linguistic styles and levels while conveying the meaning from the source language to the target language. In short, Written Translation is Elaph Translation Company’s capital. “We Convey the Real Meaning of Your Message” is our motto, and represents also our service which we fully offer you.

Written Translation is divided into:

General Translation

It simply refers to any kind of translation which is free from specialized terminologies. It is, in actuality, one of the most commonly-used translations, and can be described as the simplest kind of translation as it includes none but today’s ordinary, daily speech.

This kind of translation does not necessarily require a special expertise or a specialized background on the part of the translator. Yet, the translator cannot do this kind of translation until s/he is an expert at linguistics, local market, public opinion and, more importantly, fully aware and acquainted of the two languages: the source and the target. Elaph’s translators coexist with different environments, which creates multi-cultural backgrounds within them for the benefit of the translation process.

Specialized Translation

Unlike General Translation, this kind of translation has to do with several fields, the most important of which is Legal Translation, while the most recent is Fashion and Cosmetics Translation. It needs of a translator to have a specialized background, even simple, about the particular field s/he is working in. It goes without saying that we cannot seek the help of a doctor in Medical Translation, nor can we seek the help of a lawyer or a judge in Legal Translation.

We, in Elaph, are keen that our translators shall have specialized training courses in all different fields of translation.

We understand what we translate, and translate what we understand

(Here we can replace the “Translation Process” in the old website with the new title “Know about the Steps of the Written Translation Process in Elaph”)

Legal Translation

Legal Translation is one of the professional translations’ most complex kinds, and has to do with the translation of treaties, contracts and other several legal documents. In actuality, Legal Translation does not truly mean to place a word before a word or a sentence before a sentence. On the contrary, legal translator is responsible for understanding the political, social and cultural context of the legal text to be fully able to translate it in a manner that makes the target audience of different cultural, social and societal background easily understand the text. No matter how efficient the legal translator is, there is no blame whatsoever if s/he consults People of Law about any point s/he could not properly understand, because any slide or flaw, even minor, in the translation of a contract, for example, may result in bad consequences.

Legal systems in all of the world’s countries are in need of the Legal Translation services, to be able to deal with these documents written in another language, especially those cases that have to do with the civil and criminal law.

This kind of documents includes judicial decisions, legislations, and technical documents for supporting the efforts of litigation, licensing, arbitral documents, contracts, patents, transcripts, registration documents, experts’ reports, disclaimers, classified agreements, accreditation letters, etc.

So, if you have an institution, like a law office, or a company or a firm, which cannot do without legal documents in multi-languages, well-versed legal translators in Elaph Translation are fully able to provide you with highly accurate, accredited legal translation that can certainly serve as an official document. You can depend on our highly skillful team in translating all your documents, starting with contracts and permits and ending up with the official documents of judiciary proceedings.

In Elaph, your document is first translated by a translator who has a legal background and expertise. The translation then shall subject to the proofreading and editing processes, and is eventually approved by a legal translator accredited by the Judicial Department in the United Arab Emirates and who has an experience of not less than five years. In actuality, this accredited legal translator is the one entitled to signing and sealing your documents, after they are over, in accordance with the Emirati Law. We also issue hard copies that fully comply with the legal stipulations, so that you can use them in formalities.

A translator with the rank of a legal advisor

Commercial Translation

Exactly like its counterpart, that is, Legal Translation, Commercial Translation or the business translation requires that a translator shall have the skills of the Specialized Translation, and is fully aware of the business language, so that s/he could deal with documents of bids, corporate accounts, and daily correspondences and business reports easily. In actuality, there is some sort of interaction between Legal Translation and Commercial Translation. In other words, companies prefer to handle their legal and commercial documents by one single party. For this reason, Elaph’s Legal Translation team shoulders the responsibility of translating the commercial topics as well.

Administrative Translation

The word “administrative” can be used to refer to a wide range of different tasks; yet when used in the translation context, it only applies to the translation of the administrative texts used in different companies, firms, and organizations. This kind of translation is also interacted with Commercial Translation, to the extent that most of the Administrative Translations may be deemed Commercial Ones; however, not all of the Commercial Translations could be classified as Administrative Translations.

Technical Translation

This kind of translation is also called the Professional Translation. Texts of technical nature offer accurate information about the product or the service to the reader. Translation of technical texts requires different skills and full acquaintance of the occupational terminologies used in this particular field in which the texts to be translated are written ones. We, in Elaph, are fully aware of the Technical Translation requirements including quality, speed and accuracy, and can fully apply them at the right price.

In Elaph, we have professional translators who have wide and long experience and who are highly and professionally qualified to do Technical Translation tasks for all the different industrial sectors, such as energy, electronics, Information Technology (IT), devices, computer software programs, engineering, mobile technology, building technology, telecommunication, the space, optics, environments, tools, etc.

With the help of the Technical Translation services we offered throughout the past years, we, in Elaph, managed to establish a terminology database that helps us finish the huge translation projects in no time.

We, in Elaph, are awfully keen on offering you a translation service by experienced translators, with considerable emphasis on the point that their mother language shall be your target language, which really allows them to offer a translation with proper occupational terminologies and correct application. Our technical translators, in Elaph, are not mere translators but rather good researchers who can skillfully search for technical terminologies in the technical language, and thus improves their abilities by acquiring new technical terms day after day.

Examples for Technical Translations

We, in Elaph, have made a lot of the Technical Translation projects, including the following:

  • Scientific and Technical Publications
  • Devices and Tools Pamphlets
  • Disclosures
  • Picture Books
  • Users’ Style Guides
  • Training and Education Syllabi
  • Cars Style Guides
  • Maintenance Style Guides
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Software Publications
  • Employees’ Training Documents

Medical Translation

Being one of the very Specialized Translation fields, Medical Translation requires full acquaintance of the medical field and absolute accuracy of translation as well, because the life of a person may depend on the work of the medical translator, which clearly shows the deadly seriousness of this kind of translation.

Due to the fact that there are several secondary medical specializations, a matter which is clearly shown in the big difference between the translation of scientific, medical articles and the translation of leaflets on medications or reports on patients, Elaph, for the sake of absolute precision, pays great attention to assigning the translation task to the right person with a suitable background that enables him/her to translate different kinds of medical files.

Every client has specific conditions, and the services of Medical Translation are so essential that they shall be fulfilled under special requirements, let alone the undeniable fact that medical texts shall be translated with absolute accuracy. We, in Elaph, use an advanced computer-based program that helps us build specialized glossaries for each of our clients. This is actually the main reason why we build close connections with our clients. We furthermore take into account the fact that every project is connected with its preceding, especially when it comes to the frequently-used words or sentences.

In Elaph, we rely on the capability of our translators to ensure the absolute accuracy and the explanation of the ambiguous words and sentences when translating the document. In coordination with your project manager, we revise some important details so as to avoid wasting time, to correct problems and to remove any obstacles.

It is of great importance to know that the translators offering you these Medical Translation services are native speakers of the target language. In other words, it is their mother tongue. Elaph’s medical translators are extremely professional, and shall go through preliminary training courses on Medical Translation after which they receive training for the latest developments in the field of Medical Translation, taking into account the secrecy of your documents.

Examples for Medical Translation

We, in Elaph, made a lot of Medical Translation projects, including the following:

  • Medical Reports
  • Patients’ Approval Forms
  • Clinics Procedures
  • Medical Equipment Agreements
  • Hospitals Instructions
  • Health Models and Orders
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Medical Pamphlets
  • Style Guides
  • Medical Software
  • Training Courses
  • Medical Companies Websites
  • Medical Tests and Examinations
  • News Reports on the Medical Institutions

Translators in the White Coat

Literary Translation

As is revealed by its name, Literary Translation refers to that kind of translation used in literature, such as poems, plays, short stories, and novels. Many translators view General Translation as the simplest kind of translation ever, and Legal Translation as the most complex of all the translation kinds. They further believe that Literary Translation is the finest of all the translation kinds. That is because Literary Translation means more than the translation of the context, as the literary translator shall be extremely skillful in the translation of sentiments, emotions, and cultural nuances. S/he shall also be sensitive to the meanings of words, rhymes, the elements of drama, as well as other several skills.

Some people mistakenly claim that Literary Translation is an impossible mission, offering the translation of poetry as a case in point. Yet, we, in Elaph, do not know the word “impossible”.

Fully Able to Translate Your Literary Text, both in Word and Meaning

Media and Press Translation

There is considerable confusion between Media Translation and Subtitling and Dubbing. In actuality, Media Translation has to do with the translation of these materials appearing on the various media, including TV, newspapers, magazines, and websites. For this reason, you mostly find the word “press” attached to the term “Media Translation”.

Media Translation includes the translation of newsflashes, news bar, and press conferences though they might come under the category of simultaneous, oral translation. There is also the translation and summaries of press articles, which is one of the activities for which Elaph is famous. The reason behind this is that Elaph has translators who have long experience in press, journals, satellite channels, and Internet news websites.

Our Literary Translation services also include the translation of media and press releases, whether directly issued by media entities or by companies and institutions and then sent to media.

If you want to follow an international newspaper or magazine like the Washington Post, or the Guardian, or the Independent, or the Economist, or the Times, or the Newsweek, or the New York Times, or the Daily Mail, or the Daily Telegraph or any other international newspaper, no matter what the language is, we, in Elaph, are fully able to translate any article you want. Also, in case you prefer a particular writer, we can follow him/her up for you, highlighting his/her articles, summarizing them, if necessary, and sending them to your email every day morning.

As for the Subtitling (movies, series, and programs) or Dubbing, it is an independent service offered by Elaph.

Translation of Electronic Websites (the Web)

We, in Elaph, are fully able to produce highly accurate translation for your websites, be they personal or even relating to business, which fits your culture environment. Our main concern is to allow you concentrate on your researches, works, and the main statistical analysis for your information. We, on our part, shoulder the full responsibility of the translation process, proofreading, and technical editing in a way that will fully satisfy you. To achieve this task with great efficiency, we communicate with lecturers and professors from all over the world to ensure the absolute accuracy of every word and sentence to be used in your project.

Translating your business website into more languages certainly means that it will attract more visitors from several geographical regions, which in turn means that you will be known here and there, and thus gains more clients and, consequently, more profits.

There is another well-known service commonly used in the Translation of Websites, which is “Arabization – Localization”. That is because websites, due to social, environmental and cultural factors, need more than the mere translation.

We, in Elaph, offer an independent service under the name of Arabization – Localization.

For more information about this service, please click here.

Fashion Translation

This kind of translation has recently come under the category of Specialized Translation, since it had previously been part of the General Translation. Yet, due to the fact that the scope of the fashion and cosmetics activities has widened, especially for the purposes of marketing and promotion, there was a need to the existence of translators who are specialized in this field.

Due to the fact that Elaph is one of the leading and pioneering translation companies, it always hastens to invent translation-relating services. For this reason, we hired translators, more exactly female translators, who have long and wide experience in the field of fashion and cosmetics, and also trained others on this particular kind of translation, so that they would be fully aware of what they are translating.

The difficulty of this kind of translation stems from the difference of cultures and societies, because a lot of clothes, accessories and other items may be found in a particular country or environment, not the others, which really requires a great deal of acquaintance of these cultures and environments, let alone the translator’s good conduct.

Fashion Translation includes the translation of products, brands, labels, and promotional offers – all of which have to do with the Fashion Translation. As for live fashion shows, they need another kind of translation, which is the simultaneous, oral translation.

We, in Elaph, offer an independent service under the name of Oral Interpretation.

For more information about this particular kind of interpretation, please click here.

Tourism and Hospitality Translation

There is no tourism without translation. In this context, the proverb says: “A stranger is blind even when he sees.” For this reason, translation served as the tourist’s guide in the foreign or hosting country. So, if you really want to attract more guests and clients to your resort or hotel, the simplest and easiest way to do so is to make guests feel that your hotel/resort is exactly like their home. This is actually the message that should reach them, with the help of marketing and promotional materials, booklets, signs, catalogues, food menu, and even all what they see since their first entry into the hotel until their departure.

Among its several services, Elaph invented a new service, that is, Tourism and Hospitality Translation- a service you will not easily find in any other place, since it is one of the Specialized Translation’s rare kinds, and that is why it needs well-versed translators who have wide experience in the Tourism and Hotels Sector.

So, if you are awfully keen on drafting your message in the best words, we give you our promise in that regard. Also, if you spent a long period of time preparing your publications in a particular language, and now want to produce similar copies of them with the same style, you have headed to the right place. Elaph helps you offering your message to your audience in the best formula, which clearly means the way to success. As such, you can translate the brochures and flyers of your hotel, or resort or restaurant in the language preferred by those clients and guests.

Some examples for works translated by Elaph:

  • Promotional Offers
  • Tickets and Vouchers
  • Sales Materials
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Directories
  • Press News
  • Advertising Magazines
  • Hospitality Contracts
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Suggestion Boxes
  • Clients’ Testimonies
  • Marketing Materials
  • Maps
  • Food and Beverage Menus