As the 10th most popular tourist destination in the world and attracting more than 38.6 million tourists in 2017, Turkey continues to present vast investment opportunities in both the established and newly-developing subsectors of the tourism industry.

With its favorable location, existing potential, mega projects, and ambitious targets set for 2023, the tourism sector continues to grow at a rate that outstrips its bed capacity. Even though there has been a surge of investments in the last several years, there is still ample room for new ventures. Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia both have untapped potential for culture tourism as well as the increasingly popular boutique hotel concept, which blends well with the characteristic nature, history, and culture of the regions.

The accommodation industry at present, includes a range of facilities from the top quality, super modern deluxe category hotels and holiday complexes, boutique hotels to the affordable ones. Although city hotels, summer resort hotels and holiday complexes constitute the greater part of the accommodation industry, there are numerous skis, winter resorts and spa hotels in various parts of the country. Most high standard hotels and holiday complexes have a variety of recreation, entertainment facilities. There are also several golf courses of international standard in various parts of the country.

Turkey is a yachting paradise. Istanbul, and all main resort centers on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have marinas and the necessary facilities required. There is a major plan to increase the capacity to meet the growing demand as there is still a tremendous development potential for yacht tourism.

Turkey has been recognized as a country of international reputation for hosting the most important meetings and conventions of the world. In addition to the top-quality convention centers of huge capacity, equipped with advanced technology; most high-grade hotels also have facilities for events such as meetings and conventions.

Lures of the major cities and resort centers; world famous Turkish cuisine as well as international ones, restaurants, bars, entertainment life, cultural activities can appeal to tourists from all over the world.

To sum up, Turkey at present with its enormous tourism potential and a great diversity of its natural resources, historical treasures, cultural values and activities, life style, attractions and with its efficient, dynamic tourist industry offers wide selection of products that can satisfy the demand of different market segments including the most sophisticated and demanding traveler.