Wide Experience, Confidence in Performance

Firmly believing in the importance of specialization, Elaph Translation relies on a big number of translators. In Elaph, you will certainly find a specialized translator for the field of translation you need. Under the motto “Whoever starts great will certainly remain great”, we started our work in 2006. For this reason, we, since our very first inception, sought the help of highly-qualified, efficient and professional staff who are carefully selected after going through a series of cumulative exams. Under the company’s ideal work environment, they are fully able to create.

In fulfillment of our commitment to offer you excellent service, we are now standing on a solid ground, with five (5) regional offices, a production capacity of eighteen (18) million words a year, translation services into more than seventy (70) languages, and a number of clients exceeding three (3) thousand representing the company’s fundamental pillars.

Our services include :

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