Elaph Translation has been established with the vision to grow into a holistic Arab LTC industry service academy aiming to leverage the Arab human capital through augmenting the technical capabilities, career management and business growth techniques in the region.

Each workshop, course or diploma program we offer delivers the exact features and aids you really need to convert your performance, better manage your current function, and boost your technical competences to the next level. Your aggregate learning experience with Elaph Translation will help you reinvent the usual ways you practice your profession, and will introduce you to new modes of thinking. Upon their completion of training, our program participants will go back to their business capitalizing on the know-hows they acquired to engage in:

  • Reinvigorating the business ecosystem of their organizations;
  • Introducing novel operations’ models to efficiently run their organizations’ day-to-day activities
  • Boost their organizations’ competitive edge/ advantage in the marketplace.

Our Training Approach

Training approaches are as important as the training materials content. At Elaph, we adopt the 20/80 experiential approach where theorization forms only 20% and practice is 80% of your learning experience to underline factual or replicated business cases in which the trainees will sooner or later operate. With dynamic class setting and peer-to-peer discussion you get engaged in simulations of real-life language, translation or content situations.

Our professors and instructor are technical experts, therefore, you will get an insider’s insights and acumen that will help build your technical capabilities and enhance your self-confidence. You will learn new techniques to manage your day-to-day functional challenges. Overall, the interactive texture of your learning experience with Elaph Translation is designed to maximize your ROI in the classroom and beyond.

For more details, visit our Website : www.elaphtraining.com