Desktop Publishing

A lot of people do not know the exact meaning of the concept of Desktop Publishing, which is actually one of the oldest services in the field of printing, publicity, and publication, although adopting different styles and technologies in the modern time.

Desktop Publishing means to utilize the computer and software programs to create visual displays for ideas and information. The documents of the Desktop Publishing may yet be prepared specifically to desktop or commercial printing, or even for electronic circulation. PDF, slide show, emails, e-books and websites are all cases in point.

In actuality, Desktop Publishing is a terminology that has been coined after the development of a particular kind of programs used in compacting of texts and pictures, and then rearranging them, with the aim of creating digital files eligible for printing or to be displayed on the internet.

Before the invention of the Desktop Publishing programs, tasks of this nature used to be done manually by those who are specialized in graphic design.

Elaph produced a number of the Desktop Publishing projects, including the following:

  • Designing of Publications like Booklets, Flyers and Posters.
  • Designing of Catalogues, Style Guides, and Annual Reports.
  • Designing of Mottos, Work IDs, and Letters.
  • Designing and Circulation of News, Magazines, and Newspapers.
  • Designing of Hard Copy and Electronic Books.
  • Designing of Blogs and Websites.
  • Designing of the Digital or Printed Photo Album.
  • Making of Decorative Stickers, Envelopes, Commercial IDs, Calendars, and Diagrams.
  • Designing of Packages for Retail Goods, starting with Soap Bars and ending with Software Boxes.
  • Designing of Shops Signs, Highway Signs, and Billboards.

(Here we can replace “Desktop Publishing Process” in the old website with “Know the Desktop Publishing Process Steps in Elaph”)