Subtitling and Dubbing

This service of Subtitling and Dubbing is included in the audio-video services. This kind of service has to do with the translation of the content of movies, series and programs. In actuality, Subtitling and Dubbing are different from Media and Press Translation.

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Subtitling is a kind of translation that needs special skills, as the translator shall evaluate the number of words, the entire time, and the specific period of time required for words to appear on the screen concurrently with the scene, and that is why it mostly needs more abbreviation, let alone the fact that it needs a good and proper understanding of the source language and the spoken dialect before being transformed into a written text that will later take the form of a translated text. We, in Elaph, have translated scores of series and movies, so we have a wide experience in this field- an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.

As for Dubbing, it is deemed more relatively difficult than Subtitling. It is actually a spoken translation, and thus needs the translator to exert more efforts so that his/her spoken translation will match the actors’ movements of lips in the movie. Besides the translation process, Dubbing includes another service, which is the Voice over. We, in Elaph, have various and diverse voices – Gulf, European, African, male, female, teenager, children, and even old people – to ensure that we meet all of our clients’ requirements.

Subtitling and Dubbing need special tools, technologies, and preparations which are truly extremely expensive that small translation companies cannot provide them. Yet, Elaph owns all of these technologies, the state-of-the-art of them, and place them at your service at right prices. (We do not use the concept of “competitive prices”).

(Here we can replace “Movies’ and Series’ Translation” in the old website with “Know the Subtitling Process Steps in Elaph”)


You have recorded the speech of an important meeting, a conference, a speech or a lecture, and want to transcribe it in no time and with absolute accuracy; don’t get worried or tense, Elaph is with you.

We have a special department concerned with the transcription into all languages, and is equipped with the most modern devices and programs that ensure that every word and single letter have been transcribed.

This service is not only restricted to transcription, but also includes the reformulation of the content- based on the client’s desire. It also includes the writing service in accordance with the correct linguistic rules, and furthermore includes spelling, coordination, punctuation marks, and all what is related to the written text.