Beautiful Turkey is bordered by Iran and Armenia in the East, Syria and Iraq in the south, Bulgaria in the northwest and Greece in the west. Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is a country of geostrategic importance. The dazzling nation is spread over an area of 783, 562 sq km.

Turkey is home to some of the most alluring destinations. A Mecca for art and history lovers, the stunning Turkish land is shrouded in an elegant archaic aura. The breathtaking architecture of Hagia Sophia will leave you awestruck, operating as a museum; it is one of the best-preserved ancient structures in the world. Ephesus is an ancient city that houses the well preserved Roman and Greek ruins along with a temple, theatre and a library. A tour of the age-old town will make you marvel at its timeless beauty. Aspendos is a Roman Theatre that is considered as a fine example of classical history and is a star attraction. The sultry Silk Road city of Ani will give you a sneak peek into the primordial days of trade and commerce in Turkey. Later, choose to descend into the splendid world of the Topkapi Palace that gives you a glimpse of the lavish Ottoman Empire.

Apart from its classical wonders, Turkey also offers some of the most exotic spots for adventure junkies and nature lovers. The Cappadocia is a rock valley that has been formed in a millennium by the natural agents of wind and water. Its craggy ridges are perfect for hiking while its scenic beauty can be captured brilliantly from a hot air balloon. Pamukkale is Turkey’s most famous natural wonder that is a must visit. Its pristine white terraces amid the green landscape will leave you wondering at nature’s bounty. The magnificent Mediterranean coastline of Turkey warms your soul while you cruise on the yacht and take in the pretty sights. The Ölüdeniz is a phenomenal beach that not just offers panoramic views of the scenery but also let you soar into the skies, when you take a paragliding dive off the breathtaking Babadag Mountain.

Over the last two decades Turkey has made considerable investments on infra and superstructure. This also includes transport infrastructure such as improvement, modernization of airports and air terminals as well as construction of new ones. In addition to the international airports in the main cities and resort destinations, Turkey has domestic flights to all major cities and tourist centers. The highways crisscrossing the entire country; regular comfortable bus services and coach tours make travelling in Turkey easy and enjoyable. The transport infrastructure and the efficiency of services as well as advanced communication network system meet all the requirements of contemporary tourism.

The estimated population of Turkey is 74.93 million people. The country is predominantly inhabited by people of Turkish descent and is also home to other ethnic groups like Kurdish, Greeks, Armenians and Zazaki among others. When it comes to languages, the official language of Turkey is Turkish which is spoken by much of the population in Southeast Europe and Western Asia.